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“The Instructor really went out of his way to collect quality, real interviews with people living the lifestyle being presented in the course. Content was well sectioned in digestible chunks.

Ultimately this course raised my confidence in my ability to work while traveling.”Joseph Wroten

What You’ll Learn

I designed this class specifically for people who want to travel the world but don’t know how to make the leap. Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to strategically transition your job into a location-independent career so you can live and grow on your own terms.

  • Learn 3 different ways of making sustainable income.
  • Understand the tradeoffs between a Digital Nomad employee, freelancer, and entrepreneur
  • Find paid design gigs as a freelancer
  • Understand the tradeoffs between a long program, short program, and traveling by yourself
  • Find love using different dating apps
  • Get inspiration from remotes who have figured it out and are now traveling the world
  • Find paid writing gigs as a freelancer
  • Negotiate a fair rate as a freelancer
  • How to convince your boss to let you work remotely (yes! it’s possible!)
  • Save thousands of dollars on taxes if you’re from the US

Your Instructor

I’ve traveled and worked in 30+ countries.

In 2016, I was selected from 50,000+ applicants to participate in Remote Year, a network of 75 professionals who travel and work remotely.

As a former NASA engineer, I love teaching my students effective systems that they can use to transform their lives. I’ve taught 10,000+ students in 120+ countries. My courses has been translated into 3 languages.

“I love how Charles breaks down how to find what you’re good at in order to realize your goal on becoming a digital nomad. I also really like how he incorporates real life people who can give solid advice regarding working while traveling.”Maria Takaoka

What’s Included

Hours of On-Demand HD Video
In-depth Interviews
Companies Hiring Remotes




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Section 1       Introduction
Lecture 1       Introduction
Lecture 2       How to Navigate This Course
Lecture 3       3 Ways of Making Money
Lecture 4       Digital Nomad Type Trade Offs
Lecture 5       How to Make It Work with Your Skill Set
Lecture 6       Profile – Greg – How to Find Remote Work
Lecture 7       Exercise – Expertise Inventory
Lecture 8       Profile – Samantha – How to Find Purpose in Your Career

Section 2       How to Make Money – Employee
Lecture 9       Introduction
Lecture 10     How to Convince Your Company as an Account Manager
Lecture 11     How to Convince your Company as a Team Manager
Lecture 12     How to Convince Your Company as a Project Manager

Section 3        How to Make Money – Freelancer
Lecture 13     Introduction
Lecture 14     How to Find Work as a Designer
Lecture 15     How to Negotiate a Fair Rate
Lecture 16     How to Create a Portfolio with No Experience
Lecture 17     The Biggest Challenge as a Remote Freelancer
Lecture 18     How to Find Work as a Writer
Lecture 19     How to Become a Career Coach
Lecture 20     The 1 Must-Have Quality of Successful Freelancers

Section 4        How to Make Money – Entrepreneur
Lecture 21     Introduction
Lecture 22     How to Make Passive Income
Lecture 23     How to Start Your Own Life Coach Business
Lecture 24     Challenges of an Entrepreneur
Lecture 25     How to Get Free Money to Become a Digital Nomad

Section 5        Digital Nomad Programs
Lecture 26     Travel with a Long Program – Remote Year
Lecture 27     Travel with a Short Program – Hacker Paradise
Lecture 28     Travel by Yourself
Lecture 29     Best Digital Nomad Cities in Latin America
Lecture 30     Digital Nomad Hubs – Latin America vs Europe

Section 6        How to Make Friends and Have a True Local Experience
Lecture 31     3 Ways to Quickly Make Friends
Lecture 32     A Little Bit About BAFA

Section 7        How to Find Love
Lecture 33     Introduction
Lecture 34     Digital Nomad Dating for Girls

Section 6        How to Manage Money
Lecture 35     Introduction
Lecture 36     How Much Money Do You Need?
Lecture 37     What Costs More / Less than Expected
Lecture 38     How to Manage Your Money
Lecture 39     How to Save for Retirement While Traveling
Lecture 40     Best Travel Credit Cards

Section 7       How to Stay Productive
Lecture 41     Introduction
Lecture 42     Stay Productive as an Employee
Lecture 43     Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur part 1
Lecture 44     Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur part 2
Lecture 45     Find Balance Between Traveling and Working

Section 7       How to Stay Healthy
Lecture 46     Introduction
Lecture 47     Picking the Best Travel Insurance
Lecture 48     How to Get the Right Vaccines
Lecture 49     How to Stay Fit

Section 7       How to Leave Everything Behind
Lecture 50     Introduction
Lecture 51     How to Sell Everything
Lecture 52     How to Get Physical Mail
Lecture 53     Closing

Section 9       Digital Nomad Career Interviews
Lecture 54     Accountant Manager Karen
Lecture 55     Community Evangelist Jacqueline
Lecture 56     UI Translator Michelle
Lecture 57     Remax Real Estate Agent Kara
Lecture 58     YouTuber Simon
Lecture 59     Remote Year Program Leader Jenna
Lecture 60     Online Fitness Coach Josh
Lecture 61     Remote Year Videographer Ioan
Lecture 62     Buffer PR Specialist Hailley Griffs
Lecture 63     Remote year Admissions Consultant Dan Alatepe
Lecture 64     Mangrove Founder Adrien Montcoudiol
Lecture 65     Remote Year Business Development Specialist Renee
Lecture 66     Toptal Account Manager Eryn 
Lecture 67     Passive Income Entrepreneur Johnny FD

“This is one of the best courses I’ve taken. It’s helpful informative and easy to follow along. He tells you how to make this a new way of living not only financially but how to be successful overall as a digital nomad in all areas of life – which I thought was really unique. I also really loved all the interviews. This class was great! I’m excited to get started !! Thank you Charles!” Catherine Tran

“I like it how this introduction lays a good systematic ground for starting remote work. And I was surprised about debunking the myth of remote work = freelancers. I like the step by step approach and mindset to talking to your employer. That you should keep a positive attitude and keep in mind the benefits for the company. Present your plan for working remote to your employer, instead of asking for their opinion. The more laid out your plan is, the more confident your will sound. The more they will believe it will work.” Erkki Muuga

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It covers so much content – it gave me some amazing inspiration! Usually unsure what to do because of the many options and advice out there in the world, I had some kind of epiphany throughout the course about what I need to focus next on my journey to become a digital nomad and achieve the kind of freedom I wish for my life. Great course. Highly recommended.Peter Schmuttermaier
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