Hi, I’m Nomad Charles.

I’m a former NASA Engineer turned Spiritual Treasure Hunter.

My current mission is to seek out rare treasures that can transform one’s health and spirit.

I’m currently looking for treasures in the form of a Few Teas.

Many Teas offer different aromas, flavor, and texture.

Few Teas offer different feelings, energies, and emotions.

Many Teas come from large farms that use pesticide and fertilizer.

Few Teas come from small farms that grow tea in a clean, vibrant ecosystem full of life.

My Upcoming Expeditions will find the Few Teas that offer different feelings, energies, and emotions.

After I finds these Few Teas, I will let the world know, and let those interested buy directly from the farm.

Instead of a centralized, multi-gate supply-chain that connect Tea Farmer to Distributor to Store to Consumer,

I’ll create to create a distributed, direct supply-chain that connect Tea Farmer to Consumer.

Tea consumed this way will raise awareness for the environment, generate more love in society, and deepen the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

So how did I go from NASA Engineer to Spiritual Treasure Hunter?

Let me explain…

My first career was in tech.

I worked for NASA for 2 years and designed NASA’s first iPhone App.

The app was downloaded millions of times, featured on every iPhone in all Apple stores, and was awarded NASA’s “Software of the Year.”

This career later took me to Apple, Ticketmaster, and a few startup companies in between.

I often worked as a software product manager (think movie director, but for software).

My work led to a few patents and made it into Popular Science magazine.

One day, a small company I worked for laid off my boss and many coworkers.

I felt depressed, confused, and helpless.

This pain motivated me to to start an online business, quit my job, sell everything, and leave the United States.

And so I left my career as a software product manager.

And started living as a digital nomad (someone who travels while working online).

I made less, experienced more, and felt free.

Some of my travels as a digital nomad:

Salt Flats
Machu Picchu
Atacama Desert

My travel once took me to a party in London.

There, 2 strangers invited me to their wedding in Taiwan.

I said yes, spent a weekend in Taipei, and fell in love with the food, people, and culture.

After traveling for a year, I felt my growth stagnated.

I got tired of staring at screens and became more interested in exploring health and spirituality.

My life became less digital and I started acquiring skills that could improve one’s health and spirit.

After I acquire these skills, I thoroughly practice, experiment, test, and refine them.

Some of these refined skills are so rare and valuable that I classify them as “Spiritual Treasures.”

These Treasures can then be shared with the right student at the right time.

Some of the Spiritual Treasures in my current collection:

Vision Calibration – skillset that can naturally reverse myopia
Energy Restoration – skillset that can reduce pain and recharge life energy
Tea Ceremony – skillset that can creat more love, expression, and connections

500 years ago, Old Explorers like Columbus and Magellan charted expeditions to explore the physical world.

I am a New Explorer charting expeditions to explore the body / mind / spirit world.

Instead of hunting Physical Treasures for royalty leading to material wealth, I am hunting Spiritual Treasures for friends and their loved ones leading to non-material health.

And that is how I became a Spiritual Treasure Hunter.