Sessions Offered

Each sessions is crafted with the intention to share my love, skill, and knowledge for tea.

All teas highlighted are organic and/or wild sourced directly from the farm.

All sessions are bilingual (English / Mandarin).

Tea Story in the Cloud
Learn tea through stories told directly from the tea farmer. Hear why they decided to grow organic / wild tea and what makes their farm one-of-a-kind. Follow your curiosity and ask any questions you’d like and get answers directly from the farmer.
Online (in the cloud), 1 hr, donations welcome

Session Recording

Tea Tasting
You and your friends are invited to experience tea at an indoor tea space. I’ll craft a personalized tea tasting experience by performing a tea ceremony with a curated selection of my favorite Rare Teas.
Taipei, 2 hrs, $1,000 NT / person

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Nomad Tea Time
Based on that day’s weather, I’ll take you and your friends to a secret spot in nature. There, I’ll unpack my tech-infused mobile tea kit and teach you how to steep tea like a nomad. We’ll taste a few Rare Teas and experience the union amongst sky, earth, and man (天地人).
Near Taipei, half-day, $2,000 NT / person

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Nomad Tea Time at Tea Farm
I’ll take you straight to the source. We’ll drive to an organic / wild tea farm, set-up a tea ceremony in the middle of the farm, and experience tea right in the middle of the ecosystem that gave the tea life.
Somewhere in Taiwan, half-day to 3 days, $4,000 NT / person / day + lodging + transport

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Tea is beautiful, true, and good.

I’d love an opportunity guide you.

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