Accountant Manager Karen Johnston, Fuller Landau LLP, Remote Year Ikigai

Karen Johnston is currently traveling with Remote Year Ikigai. She manages a team of accountants for Fuller Landau LLP. For all those listeners out there who work in the finance or accounting industry, you should pay extra attention to this episode. Karen breaks down step by step how she convinced the partners at her firm to let her work remotely … Read More

Venue Finder Natalie, Remote Year Cousteau

In today’s episode, I’ll be interviewing Natalie Underwood, an entrepreneur who has a venue finding business. Think of her as the Indiana Jones for event venues. She travels the world finding interesting hotels for her clients to hold events and conferences. Natalie has a really interesting job and shares what she does, how she got started, and what makes her … Read More

Google UI Translator Michelle McColgan, Remote Year Ikigai

Michelle works as a UI translator for Google. This means she gets website and mobile projects from Google and translates all the different buttons and copy into Irish. Her job is absolutely fascinating and she does an amazing job sharing how translators work, how to get started if you have no experience, and how to find clients and market yourself.  … Read More

Nursing Program Faculty Member Todd, Remote Year Ikigai

Todd is a faculty member in an undergraduate nursing program. I have lots of friends in the medical industry who loves to travel but have no idea how to evolve their career into something that’s location independent. If you’re in the same boat, then this episode is for you. You’ll hear how Todd transitioned from being a travel nurse to … Read More

Community Evangelist Jacqueline Jensen, Piktochart

Today we’ll be talking Jacqueline Jensen, a community evangelist at Piktochart. Her company makes it super easy for anyone to create fun infographics. She travels the world as a community evangelist and spreads the good word of Piktochart. In this interview, she’ll share what it takes to become a community evangelist and how someone can get started without any experience. … Read More

Brand Strategist Janet Rouss,

Today we’re going to chat with Janet Rouss, founder of She is a brand strategist, graphic designer, and international speaker. One of the nuggets of wisdom you’ll get in this interview is how she got her clients comfortable with with her working remotely. There’s also lots of other good stuff in there like how she grew her career from a … Read More

UX Designer Oz Chen,

I just had an awesome interview with one of my best friends Osborn Chen, founder of Not only is he an awesome UX designer, he was one of the people who started down digital nomad journey the same time I did. In this podcast, you’ll hear about how he grew his career into a UX designer and then freed … Read More

Life Coach Tanya Wasylewski,

In this podcast, we’ll be talking to Tanya Wasylewski, a certified life coach at Meraki Coaching. In this episode, you’ll hear how Tanya went from working in corporate to becoming a successful life coach. You’ll also hear about Tanya’s tips on how to find balance while traveling, which is one of the biggest challenges when you’re traveling as a Digital Nomad.  … Read More