10 Companies Hiring Non-Technical Digital Nomads Right Now

Want to find remote work outside of software development or design? Here are 10 companies that are looking for non-tech skills. Whether you want to write, film, or teach, these companies can pay you to do what you love while traveling the world.


1. Remote Year – Brings together a community of 75 digital nomads from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world.

Job board: http://remote-year.breezy.hr/

Sample jobs:

  • Philanthropy Programming Lead
  • Admissions Officer
  • Videographer


2. Education First – Online education provider

Job board: http://careers.ef.com/

Sample jobs:

  • Online English Teacher – Remote
  • Online Demo Teacher


3. Jobbatical – Job matching site for professional looking for a career break

Job board: https://jobbatical.com/

Sample jobs:

  • Content Manager
  • Accountant
  • Video Producer


4. Toptal – An online network of curated freelance software developers and designers

Job board: https://www.toptal.com/careers

Sample jobs:

  • Online Community Lead
  • Communication Specialist
  • Head of Parternships


5. Elevatek12.com – Online education provider

Job board: http://elevatek12.com/careers

Sample jobs:

  • K-12 Online Instructor
  • Academic Performance Manager


6. 10up – Web design & development consulting services

Job board: https://10up.com/careers/

Sample jobs:

  • Web Strategists
  • Project Managers
  • Ad Ops Specialists



7. Shutterstock – Stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools provider

Job board: http://www.shutterstock.com/jobs/listings

Sample jobs:

  • Remote Editor Image Reviewer
  • Remote Vector / Illustration Reviewer



8. Study.com – One of the largest online study reference websites in the world

Job board: http://study.com/pages/Contractors.html

Sample jobs:

  • Flashcard Writer
  • Lesson Reviewer
  • Video Captioning


9. Cheatsheet.com – Online cheats/guides to everything modern men want, need, and ought to know, do, or buy so they can get the most out of life.

Job board: http://www.cheatsheet.com/jobs/

Sample jobs:

  • Content Producer
  • Celebrity Writer Style
  • Freelance Writer


10. InVision -prototyping, collaboration, & workflow platform

Job board: https://www.invisionapp.com/company#jobs

Sample jobs:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Sales Operations Analyst


Have a job already? It might be easier to convince your company to let you work remotely. Half of all participants in Remote Year are actually employees.

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