Screw the Cubicle Career Transition Coach Lydia Lee

Lydia is the founder of and The Unconventionalists. She helps people leverage their skills to become coaches or consultants who work 1 on 1 to help clients. I had the pleasure of meeting Lydia a while back when we were both presenting in a workshop in London. She has such an interesting career story so this episode is a real … Read More

Passive Income Entrepreneur Johnny FD

Johnny FD is a legend in the digital nomad community. He has created many passive income businesses including selling books on Amazon, selling products in drop shipping stores, and getting income from affiliate marketing. He runs a popular blog on his website where he regularly shares his monthly income reports. In this episode Johnny talks about how he got … Read More

Remote Year Business Development Special Renee Chen

Renee works on the business development team at Remote Year, a travel program that brings 75 digital nomads together and get them to travel the world for a year. Renee’s work is all about building relationships with different companies. Hear how she went from a store manager at Lululemon to becoming a world-traveling remote doing business development. She also shares … Read More

Buffer PR Specialist Hailley Griffis

Hailley is a Public Relations Specialist at Buffer. She helps her company strategize and implement different communication plans. Hailley is one of the main hosts of The Science of Social Media podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear about her day-to-day life working as a PR specialist. She also shares her tips and her tips for how you can get started and grow … Read More

Remote Year Admissions Consultant Dan Alatepe

Dan is on the admissions team on Remote Year, a travel program that brings 75 digital nomads together and get them to travel the world for a year. In this episode, you’ll hear about what Dan does day to day as an admissions consultant on Remote Year, how he got there, and tips on how to get in as an … Read More

Freelancer Community Founder Adrien Montcoudiol, Mangrove

Adrien is the cofounder of a startup called Mangrove. His mission is to change how freelancers work and learn new skills. He’s a veteran Digital Nomad and helps lead retreats in exotic places all over the world to bring talented digital nomads together and reimagine how work is done. In this episode, Adrien shares with us what his vision is … Read More

Toptal Account Manager Eryn Peters

Eryn is an Account Manager for Toptal. She coaches startup companies and helps them with product strategy and organization growth. Eryn is a master at forging win-win relationships and draws her experience from working for Sony and Mercedes-Benz. In this episode, she shares what she does as an Account Manager, how she found a remote job that matches her talents, … Read More

Remax Real Estate Agent Kara Keeton

Remax Real Estate Agent Kara Keeton – Kara is a Real Estate Agent. She buys and sells houses while traveling the world. Now some of you might be thinking: how can someone sell property remotely when you need to be there physically to hold open houses and talk to potential buyers? Well guess what, Kara’s figured it out and she’ll … Read More

Online Fitness Coach Josh Boone, Primal Shape Fitness

Josh is an online fitness coach. He’s the founder of Primal Shape Fitness and has clients from all over the world. He is passionate about helping people exercise not just for the sake of exercise but exercising to improvement functional movements that can be used in any of life’s activities. And what’s really unique about Josh’s training is that he’s … Read More

YouTuber Simon Whistler

Simon is a professional YouTuber. He runs 3 YouTube channels (TopTenzNet, TodayIFoundOut, Simon Whistler Vlogs) and has over half a million subscribers. He is a phenomenal entrepreneur who is obsessed with creating automated systems. In this episode, you’ll learn what Simon’s day-to-day is like, his tips for how to succeed as an entrepreneur and how you can get started as … Read More