Why Being a Digital Nomad is the Easiest Path to Growth

I’ve given many talks on “How to Become a Successful Digital Nomad.” A question often comes up: “What does it mean to be successful?” After all, success means different things for different people. For some it means money. For some it means fame. For some it means happiness. For me, success is none of those things. For me, success = growth. … Read More

Remote Year CEO Greg Caplan, remoteyear.com

In this podcast, we’ll be talking to Greg Caplan, the CEO and founder of Remote Year, a program that brings together 75 Digital Nomads get them to travel and work together for a year. I’m currently in the 3rd class and we’re currently all in the beautiful city of Prague. In this episode, not only will you learn more about … Read More

10 Companies Hiring Non-Technical Digital Nomads Right Now

Want to find remote work outside of software development or design? Here are 10 companies that are looking for non-tech skills. Whether you want to write, film, or teach, these companies can pay you to do what you love while traveling the world. 1. Remote Year – Brings together a community of 75 digital nomads from across the globe to spend … Read More

How Melissa Sold Everything to Travel the World

I recently interviewed Melissa, a Career Coach from the Muse. Here’s a video clip of how she sold all her stuff to travel the world: You can view Melissa’s full blog post here The video clip is a sneak preview of my upcoming course: Become a Successful Digital Nomad – The Complete Guide You can preorder the course through my … Read More

How Casey Convinced Her Company to Let Her Travel the World

I recently interviewed Casey, a Client Services Manager from an Ad Tech company. Here’s a video clip of how she strategically convinced her employer to let her work remotely and travel the world:   The video clip is a sneak preview of my upcoming course – Become a Successful Digital Nomad – The Complete Guide  You can preorder the course … Read More

Here’s How 181 Digital Nomads Are Making Money – The Results May Surprise You

There are 3 main types of Digital Nomads in Remote Year: Employees, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs. If someone asked: “Out of the 3 types of Digital Nomads, which type do you think is the most popular?” Many may answer: “Freelancer.” After all, it sure seems that Freelancers have the greatest flexibility in terms of their schedule and location. Wrong. It turns out, … Read More

3 Bags, 1 Year, 75 Items – How I Packed for Remote Year

Remote Year is a program that brings 75 Digital Nomads together to travel the world for a year. To prep, I had to figure out what to pack. Reducing all your material possessions to a few bags is not easy. I ended up with 3 bags containing approximately 75 items. Total value: $6,988. Here’s everything that I packed: Here’s a breakdown … Read More

5 of my “Must-Have Containers” for Traveling the World for a Year

Starting on Feb 27, 2016, I’ll be traveling the world for a year with Remote Year, a program that brings together 75 digital nomads from all over the world. We’ll be working, living, and growing together. As I pack all my entire life into a carry on suitcase and a checked bag, I started thinking about containers. Containers are everywhere. … Read More

New Copywriting Positions Available

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