How Casey Convinced Her Company to Let Her Travel the World

I recently interviewed Casey, a Client Services Manager from an Ad Tech company.

Here’s a video clip of how she strategically convinced her employer to let her work remotely and travel the world:


The video clip is a sneak preview of my upcoming course – Become a Successful Digital Nomad – The Complete Guide 

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If you’d like to see what Casey wrote in her 3 page proposal / presentation, fill out the form below:

Casey's Remote Year Proposal

Casey's Remote Year Proposal

Casey used this 3 page proposal to convince her company to let her travel the world. 

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One Comment on “How Casey Convinced Her Company to Let Her Travel the World”

  1. Awesome content! Great insights for other hopefuls that are looking to persuade their employers 🙂
    For any other readers, I met the Remote Year gang at a Meetup in Cordoba, Argentina (my hometown), so networking is a definite and guaranteed plus to the program. Best of luck for the rest of your travels!

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