Here’s How 181 Digital Nomads Are Making Money – The Results May Surprise You

There are 3 main types of Digital Nomads in Remote Year: Employees, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs.

If someone asked: “Out of the 3 types of Digital Nomads, which type do you think is the most popular?” Many may answer: “Freelancer.” After all, it sure seems that Freelancers have the greatest flexibility in terms of their schedule and location.


It turns out, the most popular Digital Nomads are full-time Employees.

Yes. You read that correctly.

The most popular Digital Nomads on Remote Year are full-time Employees.

Out of a sample size of 181, they actually make up close to 50% of the pie.

Here’s a graph of the breakdown:

imageWhat are the most common professions? Here’s the make up of our Remote Year 3 class (Sample Size – 67):


What does this mean?

Here are 2 takeaways (looking at the data and talking to my classmates):

  1. Convincing your employer to let you work while traveling the world is easier than expected
  2. Creatives and Marketers are just as likely to become successful Digital Nomads as Programmer



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